Barbara Quinn Registered Osteopath
Babies & Children

Babies described as unsettled tend to be very restless or poor sleepers, tend to cry a lot and want to be carried all the time.


They may have:

excess wind or colic

difficulty feeding

difficulty teething


Osteopaths think that the birth process is mostly responsible for these symptoms. During birth, babies heads and bodies have to mould into a shape which makes it easier for them to get out. If they don’t manage to undo this moulding naturally in the first few weeks they can experience problems similar to those described above.


This can be further complicated by a very long, very rapid or assisted deliveries. Generally, the earlier they are treated the better, but children can be treated at any age to relieve symptoms.


School age children may exhibit signs of:



poor sleeping

growing pains



Cranial Osteopathy can do a lot to help these children grow into healthy adults.



First session costs €55 and takes one hour. - follow ups €45