Barbara Quinn Registered Osteopath

What does the treatment involve?


First you will be asked some questions relating to your problem and general health.


You will then be examined to help pinpoint the problem – you may be asked to move in certain ways to assess which movements are difficult for you. Treatment is normally done while you lie supine on a couch (if this is difficult for you, it is possible to treat you in a different position)  This type of osteopathy is extremely gentle and involves light touch or gentle pressure/movement.It is not normally necessary to remove clothing other than heavy, outer clothing and shoes.


How long does it take?


1st consultations take 1 hour.

Follow up sessions take approx 45mins or may be shorter in the case of children.


How many treatments are needed?


This obviously depends a lot on the type of problem and how long you have had it. However, as a rough guide, 3-6 treatments are average. Once things have settled, an occasional top-up should help you maintain your progress.


Is there anything I shouldn`t do after treatment?


It is advisable to avoid any activities which place a much greater demand on the body eg: sports, lifting, heavy work or lengthy driving after treatment. Your body is adjusting and needs time and space to do this. It is advisable to get more rest if possible and not to overdo things for at least 24hrs. Other advice may be given relating to your particular problem.


What should I bring for my baby or toddler?


A bottle feed or some water (if your baby is not breast fed) is helpful.

If your baby uses a soother, please bring one.

Toddler`s may look for a drink or snack but are usually more interested in other people`s toys so are usually happy to investigate.They may be happier with a comfort item from home (blankie, favourite toy) if they are naturally shy or clingy.


What if my child refuses to lie down?


It is not necessary to have young children lie down. Osteopaths are used to working on the floor or sitting on couches while the child plays.

It is helpful if you can play with or read to the child during treatment as this helps keep them distracted and in one place.



Can I bring my other children?


All the family are welcome.  Bear in mind that you may need another adult with you if you are bringing a baby and toddler or if you are having treatment yourself. The practice has toys and books for younger children in the treatment room.


What is the best age for treatment?


You are never too young or too old for osteopathic treatment. The general rule is that the earlier the treatment, the greater chance of making a positive, permanent change. Adults may require maintenance treatments a few times a year to maintain an optimum structural balance.

Elderly people often respond surprisingly well to treatment and osteopathy can do a lot to improve their quality of life.