Barbara Quinn Registered Osteopath

A few comments from Barbara's clients


"I have found Barbara to be of immense help in helping me periodically over the years with health issues. From my ailments of a difficult birth of my first born, migraine and anxiety problems, she provides tremendously powerful treatments, in a soothing and friendly atmosphere. I positively look forward to attending sessions, as I can be assured to come away, knowing my condition will invariably improve quite quickly. My husband and three children have also attended over the years, for varying issues, ranging from lower back and tension/stress problems,to child anxiety, difficulty sleeping,etc. Her caring nature, and attention to detail in resolving issues, leaves me in no doubt to recommend her practice highly."                            

Claire Ryan, Wexford


"At the osteopath I feel relaxed, sleepy and myself on the bed. Sometimes my feet feel a bit tingly but nice"     

Rebecca, age 11



"I went to see Barbara because of a painful knee and difficulty walking. I got great relief and can go up and down stairs again with no problem."

Sheila, age 69


"My son was diagnosed with Aspergers (high functioning autism) and ADHD just after his 6th birthday. About a year later, I came across an article in a newspaper about "cranial" therapy and it`s benefits for ASD children (autism spectrum disorder). After a little research, I came across Barbara Quinn. I must admit to being a little sceptical. I didn`t really understand what this therapy was or how it worked but I was willing to give anything a try that might improve my son`s behaviour. From our first visit, I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with Barbara and more importantly so did my little boy.


Barbara projects calmness. The changes were gradual, but

I can honestly say that within a few weeks there was a recognisable improvement in my son`s disposition. His "meltdowns" became less frequent and he became less aggressive. If I'm honest, I still don't really understand what Barbara does, but I do know that I have a  much calmer child whose behaviour has improved significantly and who appears much happier within himself."

Siobhan Byrne