Barbara Quinn Registered Osteopath

Cranial Osteopathy


This type of treatment does not try to force your body to change but works with it to free up stiff joints, unwind tight muscles and ligaments and helps you feel more comfortable, relaxed and free of pain. Anyone can benefit, from newborns to the very elderly.


Usually 2-6 treatments should produce a significant improvement but regular follow-up sessions at 4-6 weekly intervals may be advised for difficult or long standing problems.


The term cranial is misleading as the whole body is treated, not just the head. The “cranial approach” is more correct as it is just another osteopathic method, not a separate therapy.


Do you have:

Back pain

neck pain

limb or joint pain

arthritic pain

headaches or sinusitis

pain resulting from an injury?


Would you like to be rid of it?

Maybe you have tried other therapies or perhaps thought  you might just have to live with it.


Cranial osteopathy can help breakdown patterns which cause chronic or recurrent pain.


It can treat new problems as well as old ones and help adjust to a better way of using your body so that these problems are either eliminated or kept under control. After a series of treatments, people often comment that they are not only free of their original pain but notice that they sleep better, are calmer, have better digestion and more energy.